Registration Info

2015/2016 Season

Registration Instructions - Coordinators check your email for registration link

1. Select your school from the dropdown menu. 
2. In the team name box put the last name of the coach for this team.
3. Select grade level and competition level using the dropdown menus. 
4. Enter coach information. Please make sure that the email is current and correct. 
5. If the coach is not known at the time of registration - please put the coordinator's name and contact information. Teams cannot be registered without this information. 
6. In the special request box you can enter conflict information (dates and times). A hard copy is still required to be submitted to the league by the due date.
7. Once complete click on the save and proceed button. You will be taken to a confirmation page. (Please just click through the payment page - you are to use the form given to you at the meeting for payments)

As coordinator you might want to print this out for your records. The coach will receive an email with the confirmation number and their pin number to access their team page. They should keep this for future reference throughout the season. Please note this pin number is only for the coach to access their team page. There is a separate pin number to enter scores.