Referee Coordinator Contact Info

If you have any issue with the volleyball referees please contact one of our coordinators below or contact your division contact. 

Referee contacts:
Mindy Leonard - 513-543-2977 -
Ellie Spence - 513-673-8976 -

Division contacts:
3rd & 4th grade levels - Jenny Nie
5th & 6th-grade levels - Jenny Nie
7th & 8th-grade levels & HS Bev Rosemeyer

Referee Fees for 2020/2021 Season

Referee Fees

3/4 grade - (one ref) - $10 per team

5/6 grade - $22.00 per team

7/8 and HS - $24.00 per team

Forms for Volleyball

What you will need...

Below you will find the information needed for the upcoming volleyball season. You will need Adobe Reader to open these files.

**New Rule


    Balls that hit any part of a players body are considered

    legal and may continue in play.

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VB League Contacts

3/4 Grade - Jenny Nie (
All 5/6 Grade - Eric Fay (
All 7/8 & HS - Bev Rosemeyer (