GWAC Basketball Update

Winter Season Starts January 30


UPDATE: We hope everyone has been safe and healthy. Below are safety guidelines from the GWAC for the upcoming basketball season. Please note the fans allowed per player for each gym. 

All sports seasons are set by the guidelines set by the State of Ohio, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and local parishes/schools. The GWAC will continue to monitor and follow those guidelines. 

GWAC Covid-19 Policy - Click here to read the full policy. 

*Parents, if your child is not feeling well please do not let them go to their game. React on the side of caution.  

*IMPORTANT - The number of spectators allowed per player per gym:

Harrison Jr High           4

Our Lady of Grace            1
Our Lady of Lourdes        Old-1                     New-2
Our Lady of Victory          2
Our Lady of Visitation     MPR – 1                Auditorium – 3
St. Al’s                                2
St. Antoninus                    2
St. Bernard                        1
St. Catharine                     2
St. Clare                             2

St. Clement                       2
St. Dominic                       2
St. Ignatius                        2
St. James                           2
St. John’s Dry Ridge         2
St. Jude                              2
St. Lawrence                     2
St. Martin                          2
St. Teresa                           2
St. William                         2