American Academy of Pediatrics Sets New Guidelines

Return to play and wearing face mask

Coaches, Players, and Parents,

American Academy of Pediatrics Sets New Guidelines Post COVID and Face mask

The American Academy of Pediatrics revised guidelines for young athletes last week, responding to rising cases of coronavirus in children by strengthening mask recommendations and suggesting screening as part of a graduated return to play. While doctors are quick to note that heart conditions remain rare, the increased guidance reflects growing concerns.

The AAP recommends athletes wear cloth face coverings during practice and competition as well as when they are on the sidelines, according to updated AAP interim guidance.  

Youths recovering from COVID-19 will have different paths to return to sports based on the severity of their illness. Returning to play should be monitored by your child's physician.

If able, the GWAC recommends athletes wear a face mask at all times, including during games. Screening for returning to play after a positive COVID test should be monitored by the athlete's physician.

Please take some time to read the current update.